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I called at 11:16pm after noticing my hot water heater had ruptured leaving 5 - 5 1/2" of water throughout my basement. The company arrived within 45 minutes, working well past 2am and then returned a few hours later on Easter Sunday. By 10:00am they continued extracting water, followed by demolishing saturated drywall, removing debris, and initiating treatment to prohibit mold growth. Drying equipment was put in place and I was provided information throughout the entire process to keep me aware of the steps being taken. What I experienced was a company that displayed knowledge and professional. It made my entire (aggravating) ordeal less problematic. I highly recommend Emergency Relief (Vitor). There is no way you will be disappointed.

Vitor was extremely helpful, competitively priced, and an absolute lifesaver when our basement flooded! He cleaned all the water, ripped up the floors, treated the basement for mold/fungus, and got rid of any and all extra wetness/humidity/water — again, all at a fair price. He also came within 3 hours of calling — I could barely even get anyone else to pick up the phone. Can’t recommend him and the company enough!

This company is amazing, Vitor has great customer service. Soon as I called he had a slot available to come to our school and clean, he was very detail and even gave us tips on how to keep the room clean. He even called us back for a follow up. We will be using his services in the further. Thank you so much

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